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Holi Festival of Colours

In India, Holi announces the arrival of spring and the fading of winter. The Festival breathes an atmosphere of happiness, youth and liberation: people throw their worries to the wind. Everyone, young or old, gets covered with colors (red, green, yellow, blue, black and silver).
The challenge for us was to deliver an engaging app experience, that could match with the Festival’s spirit. Here is the result!



We developed a quiz game for iPad. in order to play it, the user had to listen to five fragments of songs and choose, within a list of three options, the correct one. Once all songs where played, if the user had achieved the target, the system generated a reward.



  • Cover
  • Game
  • Result

Hi-Fi Comps

Holi Festival of Colours - Hi-Fi Comps

Grid Structure

Holi Festival of Colours - Guidelines
Camel - Holi Festival of Colours


  • Camel - Wireflow Structure

    wireflow structure

  • Camel - Clickable Prototype

    clickable prototype

  • Camel - Final Implementation

    Final Implementation


User Interface

Camel - User Interface
Camel - User Interface
Camel - Hi-Fi Comps
Camel - Interaction
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